Autopilot Glitch

Hi IFC I was just doing a quick flight from KSNA to KDEN and during my descent at around 12,000ft i turned the heading for the autopilot about 100 degrees to the right. The plane aggressively turned to the right and when it was completely sideways autopilot automatically disconnected and the plane dove into the ground. During that the autopilot speed went out of control. Luckily I was at about 2,000ft agl so I did not get any violations before the plane crashed. During the whole event the vertical speed stayed at 0 like how it was supposed to until autopilot automatically disconnected.
Phone: iPhone XR
Route: KSNA-KDEN (direct)
Plane: 737-700
Livery: Southwest Heart
Nearest airport when plane crashed: 27CO
iPhone Software: iOS 12.3
IF Version: 19.01.07

So just making sure you didn’t get violated.

I think this was just a one time thing and it will be fine next time.

Could you share the replay with us?

Yea I did not get violated luckily

Here’s the replay

I’ll have a look :)

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It’s towards the end where it happened

I’ve reviewed your replay.

  • I’ve noticed that it was a very nice day (No winds)

  • I’ve never seen A/P turn so harshly like that. It’s quite confusing why it happened.

  • Your speed was a little high because your plane was shaking left to right

  • I think that the speed caused it.

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Ok. My airspeed was actually at 230kts but I had a tail wind so my ground speed was high. Maybe the strong tail wind did it?

In the replay it shows that there was no winds at all.
Your speed was 295 G.S at 12000ft It’s a little fast.

That’s weird but thanks for your help

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No problem :) It’s what the IFC is about!


Hey I had this same exact problem again in the dash 8 again today. Not sure why. On final going about 120kts

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Final? The Q400 doesn’t have Approach.
Send me the replay for that too. I’d like to have a look

I meant I had it on auto pilot heading and v/s to bring it near the airport til about 5nm away where I would control the plane myself.

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This is the second time now. At first I thought it was me but I’ve never had this happen before

I will have a look at the replay.
Thanks for your patience.

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No problem thanks for your help

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I’ve reviewed the replay.

The cause of the crash was a stall/loss of control

A Q400 stalls at around 110ish knots depending on weight
you went down to 98 knots before speeding up,
you have lost the lift which caused your aircraft to fall and turn left.

Ok. The thing I noticed first was that for some reason the A/P throttle went to idle for no reason and by the time I noticed it a few seconds later I gave it full power and it was too late

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