Autopilot glitch on 777s

I discovered this glitch earlier today where the autopilot shuts off mid flight. It only happens on the 777 though. Can I get help please?


Never had that happen unless you begin to stall?

Could you give more details? Video or information to reproduce?

Are you able to reproduce this issue over and over again?

The autopilot will automatically shut down on any aircraft if you exceed a certain VS. I assume that is what you are referring to. I am pretty sure the limit is 8000fpm, or something around there.


If you are talking about 777 300ER then it might possible.
Because it has the issue on AP, the pitch will up and down… if it’s too strong then yes AP will disengage.

I see you guys are getting the wrong memo. I discovered the glitch while I was cruising between Guadeloupe and Paris. ON the 777-200ER. The ap just shuts off in the middle of cruising


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