Autopilot Glitch - Not climbing, Reducing Speed.

While flying from YMML - YBBN in the 737-800, When I reached an altitude of around 30000 my autopilot wouldn’t climb any further and when I put input in the aircraft would not respond. Even with the throttle on 100% the aircraft wouldn’t gain speed and would lose speed. It would start descending and made me stall and crash.

Not sure if this is because of me or if this glitch is happening for other users. If anyone knows how I can fix this problem please respond to my topic, thanks!

  • Nicholas Lyons

Which vertical speed had you set in the A/P interface?

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How heavy was the aircraft?

Sounds like an overloaded aircraft

Strange that’s it’s happening in a 737 though, usually happens to me on the 777.


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True… but what was your vertical speed at that time? You could lose your gained speed if its too high

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Its definitely a case of overweight aircraft. You should plan stepclimbs at such times.

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