Autopilot for Beginners


What is it? When should it be used? This topic will answer those questions, as well as give an overview of the autopilot functions in the simulator. This will serve as a guide for beginners, so if you ar very confident in using this aspect of the game, I would suggest clicking off now. Thanks for reading, and happy landings!


V-Speed (VS)
V-Speed, or VS, is the aircraft’s rate of climb in feet-per-minute.

This is the rate used when climbing. When you press the VS button, it will automatically adjust to your current V-Speed, no matter what you set it at.

Altitude is the aircraft’s distance from the ground in feet.Gee, never knew that lol Altitude MSL is the height above sea-level, and altitude AGL is the height above ground level. When in a mountainous region such as Denver, it is good to use AGL, but the autopilot will always be set to MSL, just keep that in mind when flying.

Here’s what happens when you don’t set your altitude before activating.

Heading, or bearing, is the direction your aircraft is facing in relation to north. It is used in degrees. In autopilot, you must change this gently, otherwise your plane will jerk to the side, making it more like a rollercoaster than a flight. Heading is also one of the things that activates automatically when activating any of the autopilot’s functions.

When you file a flight plan, the heading to which you need to turn to is at the top of the screen.

Speed is the measure of how fast your aircraft is going in knots. When you activate speed, it will automatically default to your current airspeed.

##When Should I Use Autopilot?

When taking off, make sure you have your altitude set, and activate when you reach 200 ft AGL.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something!


Nice tutorial!

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Thanks! It was my first one. Really proud of it!


Great tutorial. Only criticism is that your doing 310kts under 10,000ft

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Was fiddling with my iPad to get a screenshot, lost track of speed lol.

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I turn on the AP at about 5000 feet after takeoff

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Yeah, just personal preference.

Its is very useful