Autopilot FL/CH function

I’ve heard a lot of users stall and crash after using the VS mode to climb due to unstable airspeed. Maybe the FLCH mode can prevent this.

How it works:

The FLCH climbs or descends according to airspeed. Say, a plane climbing at 180kn will climb at a shallower angle when compared to one climbing at 250, when using FLCH.
That way, the plane will stop climbing if the airspeed drops too much. It prevents stalls and crashes.

Kindly if one of you could make this feature?


I see u got tl2 hahahaha

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Yes. Just now…

I believe FLC is the correct abbreviation for flight level change, but dont quote me on it. Great idea!

Quite possibly aircraft specific.

No, the other way round. A plane climbing/descending at a slower airspeed will climb/descend at a higher vertical speed.

Also, his is a duplicate. I made this feature back last year. Obviously I’ve called it “level change” but it is the same thing, just a slightly different name. Sorry.

No. The AP controls VS to maintain speed.