Autopilot failure

I’ve been flying all day in a Airbus a319 around Canada and did multiple Landings with no problems at all and I was very close to final and I turned on APPR and immediately my throttle dropped to zero. I immediately tried to turn the speed autopilot back on to 180 but it refused to turn on. I disengaged autopilot and re-engaged it and refused to do it again. Then when I was focusing on figuring out what was going on with the speed I looked up and I saw my plane had started to turn and I realized autopilot had completely failed. I know APPR mode doesn’t control speed so I don’t know what would have happened here. Can someone please give you suggestions thank


Have you watched Infinite flights tutorial on APPR?

Yes this is not covered in that that’s why I’m asking

yea The speed thing shouldn’t have happened

Can you send a replay?

Still can’t figure out how to do that. It says that it can’t upload that type of video file

So, go to replay mode and export the file to SAVE TO FILE then go to this website

And upload it to that website. Then send the link here in this topic

A replay is not going to show what is being touched.

Reboot the device and see if it happens again.

Perhaps this could help you @Tyler_Barley

How to activate APPR

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