Autopilot Errors

Hello there, Right now, I am currently flying a flight from Tunis to Paris Orly in an A319 with TunisAir. When I was up to FL230, The plane was weirdly turning to the left and I was loosing altitude and the VS was at -4000 ft, Luckily though, I turned off the autopilot for a bit and flied manually. When I put the autopilot back on again though, The plane was not flying the flight plan that I put in into the flight, It was randomly doing a clockwise 360 degrees turn, I was thinking, something’s wrong with this aircraft so I decided to create a new flight plan and fortunately, there have been no other errors so far.

A few things, could you check to see if your source was GPS? You can check under the NAV section on the right side of your screen.

And could we see your flight plan?

No it wasn’t and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my old flight plan but would you like to see my new FPL?

I was hoping to see the old one. Anyways, make sure your source is GPS and your aircraft should follow the flight plan.

Ok, how can I tell that my source is GPS?

Also this was when I was departing not landing mate.

On the right side of the screen, you will see Systems, NAV, AP. Click NAV and look until you see source and make sure it is on GPS.

I think that I was on GPS then, If I was, then how could the plane be controlling itself?

I don’t know, GPS will allow the aircraft to follow the flight plan and NAV1 and NAV2 are for ILS approaches, it could be possible you accidently switched the source to something else.

This is as far as I can take you currently, so hopefully others will add onto this help. Hope this was helpful though!

Maybe, thanks for your help, It was worth-knowing!

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What I’m suspecting is that the upset and recovery would have meant that you overflew a waypoint that is still active in your flight plan. Meaning that once you have recovered and engaged LNAV, you were still trying to turn back to the waypoint that you failed to cross because of the upset.

Oftentimes, it’s prudent to check everything once you recover from an upset, be it the autopilot’s settings, aircraft configuration, as well as your flight plan, ensuring that you don’t deviate from what you have planned. Having experienced something like this before, you can be oblivious to the issue as you might have had something bigger to deal with.

Thank you, that brings a lot of help to the situation

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