Autopilot error

I was in the process of landing the 777F when suddenly the plane just started sinking fast. Even after disengaging the autopilot, it was still going down till I had no choice than to quit the flight. Is this a known issue with others?


were you using VNAV?

Also did you use real world procedures? Like the approach plates

Yes I was. I was ready to disengage then fly manually into the airport

What were your VNAV altitudes set to?

I was going to say that could be a problem

3000 feet descending to 2000

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Over what distance was it descending from 3000 to 2000

It was -500ft/min

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Can you provide a replay of the flight?

I thought I was stalling but the airspeed was fine

How heavy were you?

Can you go to, follow the instructions there and share the replay of the flight here.

I think thats the only way we will able to get to the bottom of this.

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Ok. I would try that

The load was about 72%

That seems to heavy for landing…APPR does not work when you are above max landing weight…so that might explain why A/P disengaged.

For landing or takeoff?

I wasn’t using the APPR. VNAV was descending the aircraft when it suddenly began to sink. No stall warning and no nosedive. I disengaged the autopilot

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The app closes when it starts to export the replay

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We kinda need the replay to establish what went wrong…