Autopilot error 737 9

Hi I departed LIMC for eggw @ 12,000ft I set the autopilot and I went to the toilet I came back a few minutes later to find my aircraft nose down in the ground .

Aircraft parameters where all within limits there is no reason for the uncontrolled descent

Please can a moderator look in to this for me

Many thanks


Did you get any violations?
And just for the record it is not a good idea to leave during critical times of flight.

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This could have been because you were going to slow and you stalled. I also recommend what @WestJet737767 said, ormaybe take it with you.

Yes I got 6 violation

A/p at 12,000agl is not critical phrase

Vs was at 700+ speed 220kts
Flight attitude was as expected during initial climb

In a ideal world I would have took it with me but none of us live there unfortunately.

When you gotta go you gotta go

Contact a mod with your callsign and display name and they might be able to look into the logs to see what happened

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Any idea which mod is active now

Levet might be able to look into it, I just saw him close a thread. Can’t tag him because that’s against the rules.


Here are all the active moderators:

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As noted, you must not leave your app during your flight because it might cause issues like this one.

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This would be a critical phase as this is still your initial climb, most people have had it happen to them, but I’d recommend staying until you reach your cruise altitude, I had it yesterday, luckily, I was there to stop it.

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PM is in place :)