Autopilot During Taxi

Un coupled is the most realistic


I’m not using the autopitlot during taxi, only while flying.

I just tried, doesn’t work?

Whoah, look what I caused,

Anyway, I think that the majority of the community have used HDG for taxiing before, so if anyone has a idea to make it impossible to do that wouldn’t get my vote

The laziness of you people is insane.


I wish @Maxmustang was here to share words of wisdom…


I always use heading for taxiing… That’s it, I don’t put speed because it messes it up and it’s not accurate bc it’s air speed and not ground speed… When I spawn at the other side of the runway I just wanna kill my self…

When it’s long like going from one end of the runway to the other in a straight line I use HDG and speed auto pilot

Its not only laziness, it’s just unprofessional to use the Autopilot on ground.