Autopilot During Taxi

The only time I use auto pilot is when I get to altitude climb and decent is all done manually

There is no autopilot system that controls that front wheel. Pilots need to have manual control at all times when on the ground due to the possibility of other aircraft, sudden turns, etc. etc.

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We have auto land. But I bet soon someone will ask for a Auto taxi and Auto takeoff!! Lol


You can do autotakeoff just set heading and vs 1800 ft a minute and set altitude for whatever you want then set throttle full and bye bye

That works in the game, but in real life? I doubt you would get very far.

I use SPD and HDG when I have something else to do with plane’s configuration or flight plan.

Speed works for you? I tried it and put it at 20kts and I got a violation, I was going like 40

Auto pilot during taxi!? How lazy is everyone! It’s not even possible!


Heading works you just have to adjust it every once and a while because the plane will drift to the side. People generally usually use it because they are doing something, weight configuration flight plans etc. Its not really being lazy

Your supposed to do it before you start to taxi. Do you see pilots putting in information during taxi? No because it’s not safe and could lead to a accident. Do we have auto drive on our cars to put in directions to your house when your lost? No you just pull over and then do what you got to do.

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Lol good point

What is best and most “realistic”? I would like to know whether to have them un-coupled or coupled on the ground… I think I have them coupled right now…

You have to watch it while the plane accelerates. With a bit of wind your speed will deviate from GS, so you’ll need to adjust parameters.

On the ground autopilot kinda does what your flying pilot would do while you tinker with config.

For all airport editors, this brings up an interesting point. In WED, a lot of the larger airports that haven’t been touched or “tuned” for Infinite Flight yet still have those red ATC taxi-route things. Right now there’s no use for them, hence why we delete them when an airport is reworked.

I wonder if it’s possible for Philippe to add those into IF, but keep them invisible. Then a 3rd-party developer could do something similar to the Auto-NAV feature that @carmalonso and @AR_AR created for LiveFlight Connect. Maybe just 3 buttons will do; One to engage/disengage the feature, and 2 to tell the plane whether to turn left or right at the next taxiway. Either the pilot could be responsible for maintaining proper speed on the straights and turns, or possibly the API could let developers make their applications control throttle/brakes in order to execute a turn at the correct speed?

For example, this is the KSEA demo area that WED comes with when first installed. I’ve hidden most of the taxiways and taxi lines to reveal the “ATC Routes”. These routes are named after the taxiways they follow in real life, (taxiway Alpha, taxiway November Charlie, etc…). As you can see, some of these routes are green, others are red. Red most likely indicating proximity to the runway.

Maybe the developer that would create a ground-NAV application could recognize when the plane is taxiing over a red line, then put on the brakes to avoid entering the runway. Runway crossings should probably be manual for obvious reasons.


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I’m sticking to manual taxiing lol


I thought infinite flight was a simulator…

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Is it really that hard to change flaps during taxi?

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I usually go into HUD, line myself up and then use HDG to kepp myself in a straight line. Also, after you’ve flown and then landed, does you aircraft (for me 737) kind of slide side to side as you taxi?