Autopilot During Taxi

Title explains it all, does anyone use auto pilot to stay in a straight line whilst taxiing?

I don’t i use my rudder


I do.
Sometimes I set the HDG to keep the aircraft straight because even small corrections with the rudder end up in rough movements.


I do. That allows me to take photos.


i use it too

Yes. The set heading may not perfectly follow the taxi line so occasionally I’ll have to correct my the AP but yes I do use it.

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Does that even work?

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Hdg works @dush19

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If it’s a very long taxi e.g. ,going all the way down the runway, then I use autopilot’s heading, just to watch people landing :)


I use it too for reasons that @Captain_Dan stated.

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I use it when I fly with my joystick ;D

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I’ve never even heard of this.


I don’t use A/P when I’m taxiing.

Using autopilot while taxiing is a whole other level of laziness. Wow… Lol.


I disabled Auto-Coordination

(I use the rudder)


Wow, wasn’t expecting so many replies,

I don’t think it’s laziness, I think it’s more being smart and realising that you can do less, that’s what things like auto pilot are there for isn’t it? So you don’t need to do put more work on yourself.

Yeah I’d also be interested in knowing if this sort of thing happened in real life

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I’m with you this shouldn’t work unless they are coupling the allerions with the rudder on the ground. I know AP doesn’t work on the runway for me to maintain heading and I have them un coupled

I don’t think so, I don’t think it even works. Plus, they like controlling the aircraft manually.

True, such as the 757s rudder. It still veers the aircraft even after letting go of the rudder