Autopilot doesn't exceed 100% N1/restrict N1

I’m sure you’ve all seen it. The little percentage symbol above the throttle sliders that goes orange above 100% (How’s that even possible?!). Some of you might even know what it is! It’s N1. Not a very useful name i know

So what is N1?

N1 is a percentage figure. The better question is, what does it represent?. N1 represents the speed of the LPC (Low pressure compressor, the first set of spools after the big intake fan), with 100% being the maximum recommend/maximum setting used for long periods of time operational setting. Note N1 can go above 100% - up to 103% on most airbus’ and almost 120% on the 787!! This is for use during emergencies, go arounds, very heavy/short runway/hot take offs or other situations requiring the completely maxed throttle. However, going over 100% N1 is bad for the engine, and can then require increased maintenance and long period of >100% could damage the engine or shorten its life span.

Now we’ve sorted what N1 is, on to the feature request:

As you use the Autothrottle in IF to increase your speed, it will automatically go to 100 throttle, which is above 100% N1, unrealistic and bad for the engine. This request is for that N1 percentage to be limited to:

a) 95% N1
b) A customisable percentage decided by the pilot

This way you could have 80% max N1 for short, light flights and the full 100% for heavier, longer flights. It would also help prevent accidental overspeeding (as setting the AP to 250 IAS it will actually hit 255-260 while throttling back the engines) and help conserve fuel, and most importantly, increase realism by alot!

Yes! I think this is needed, I’ll try and remove another vote for it :)


This is actually a very good idea. Votes are so limited though. I’ll just see if I vote for it once I have a spare vote.


Very nice idea I noticed that too usually when I’m climbing to flight altitude the N1 ways goes over on autopilot. Hope the feature is added.


Would love to see this. I’m annoyed by auto-throttle constantly setting it at max power max power to increase by 40 knots


Is there a such thing as Auto N1%?

Set it at 80% and go about your day. Granted there are times when it needs to go based on speed but just asking for curiosity reasons.


This is definitely needed

Yep we need this, I hate when autopilot unrealistically goes over 100 in situations where it doesn’t need to.


MaxSez: @Insertusernamehere… Your becoming my favorite IF Techee! You’ve found more esoteric flaws on this platform than any of those duty experts who past before you. Here’s a “We’ll Done” “BZ Flag set” you may use it as your logo if you choose. (I note your regular cheering section is represented here as always. Hope they get some useful professional knowledge gained as they tag along. When they understand and apply the data provided they will be better for it. Warm Regards.



I’m not actually sure, its quite tough to find sources and documentation for this, but I remember something saying it existed… Personally, if I can set it to autothrottle could
A) be unrestricted
B) go to 100%
C) go to 95%
D) go to 85%
I’ll do some more research to find how it works IRL.

What I am doing now (recommended by fellow IFATCs) is, that I´m trying to maintain 80–85% N1 and just adjust my vertical Speed, so it stays at arround this range :)
And I´m just using the Speed Autopilot once I´ve reached the Speed i aspire to have. So it doesnt turn orange at least.

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After a bit of research, I’ve found that seemingly autothrottle has an N1 button to climb at a set N1 (though that’s for another request!) and that autothrottles don’t exceed 100%, but it’s tough to find what figure they follow.


Same, I use 90-95 for takeoff and IAS climb to 5000 but then reduce to 80% and climb. Problem is, it’s a bit weary to go all the way to FL400 at 1500fpm!


very true… In the 777 with headwind you need to get down to 1000 ro maintain a realistic N1. It gets frustrating :)

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  • it increases realism
  • it’s a well made request

Conclusion: Take my vote!

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I think this is an excellent feature request. I’m up for the idea of restricting N1 for more realism.

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I was just thinking about this… great request! I’ll try and get a vote for this

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But what if the plane for example stalled and the N1 100% isnt enough for the recovery? Can it be unlocked to get full thrust for recovery?

But still great idea to implement, especially for A/P when i increase the velocity 20 knots N1 Reaches 103-113%

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you wouldn’t use autopilot for stall recovery


Removed one of my votes to vote for this!!