Autopilot disengaging

Ok so last night I was flying on pg had auto pilot on and was checking my flight plan. All of a sudden while on flights and plan screen auto pilot dis engaged and before I could get to instrument screen I get a speed violation and hit a mountain. Causing me to get down graded to level 3 from being a level 4 I think this is not right you thought please


This is annoying but you have to be really alert you don’t really no if you get a warning as you think it’s just a ATC message exscpeicially if you have your map up it has happened to me a few times, whiting three days you should go back to Grade 4

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Maybe they need to relax penalty a bit like one violation is OK I worked so hard to get to !level 4 but guess I’ll take the slap on writ and do my time lol

Yes thankfully you only have to wait three days, violations can’t be removed either so there is nothing you can do.

OK another question why when you pause the flight on pg does the screen pauses but the flight continues found that out when I was level 2

This might be off topic but when you get demoted a grade what happends can’t you just wait till it goes away and you get grade 4 back?

Yes it does, if you want to pause it on a iPad just press the home button and it should stop that’s what I do however you might not here any ATC sound when you go back on it

That’s what they say

One of the rules for grade 4 is 0 violation in three days, so you have to wait three days until you go back up. They have one for 90 days as well but I’m not sure about that one. Check for yourself on If it’s helpful to know :)

Ok thanks for the info

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OK thanks for the info. Have a great day

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You shouldn’t be playing IF based on grade levels, play for fun. Also the grading system is messed up in many ways (not just violations) such as grade 1 being able to access and control the PG server.

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When is this event? Where and what can I join in??

I think it’s something to do with if you have your flaps too high or something sorry if it’s wrong

I experienced this yesterday too I was really surprised I engaged the autopilot and after C.a 20minutes(with engaged Autopilot) this happened

(I was Flying @13000 ft VS:0 with a speed of 180kts (I was really busy(I was Flying on FSX at the same time) so I had to delay my approach
Maybe I was flying in an area with strong turbulences Which where too strong for my 757 Autopilot (@180kts))

you did something wrong for the auto pilot to disengage, being a good pilot in real life is about multi tasking and managing everything all at once.

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