Autopilot Disengaging Mid Flight

Hey IFC I was doing a flight and I come home to crashing into the ocean. I was flying the 752 from PHOG-KLAX. More info below
Plane: 752
Speed: Mach .8 (Replay shows Mach .88 for some odd reason)
Altitude: 35,000ft (Altitude of real flight)
IF latest version with iPhone 11 hot fix
iOS: iPadOS 13.1
iPad: Mini 5
I wasn’t home when this happened. My iPad was on the table and my dog was in his cage so no one could have touched it. I started the flight at around 2300Z and monitored it till around 2500Z. Nothing was wrong for those two hours. The weather wasn’t working well so the throttle was going crazy. I’m not sure if the weather fixed suddenly so this happened or what. If anyone could help it will be greatly appreciated. If these violations could be reversed or clarified that would be great. If not I understand :) Here’s the replay:

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Heading to bed so I won’t reply till the morning

Hey @TheFlyingGuy1 sorry for the bath in ocean…
heavy turbulence can cause your A/P to disengage. I suppose that you had enough fuel for the trip… the engine shutdown can also be the cause.
Blue skies :)

Hey there, @TheFlyingGuy1!

Maybe you ran out of fuel, causing the dramatic crash?

Not sure about the 757, but I had a 320 run out of fuel once, and the crash was actually controlled

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They won’t be reversed as you were away from your device. You didn’t run out of fuel because the engines were on the whole way down.

isn’t the autopilot supposed to be 100% reliable in IF so you can do overnighters?

It’s probably because of the wind aloft problem. Last night when I was doing my flight, my auto throttle didn’t function well due to the winds. Your AP was probably disconnected because of this as well. I think you may be able to get reversed. Let’s wait and see 😉

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Nothing is 100% reliable. Winds Aloft is a good example, complacency is a killer ;)

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My throttle was going kinda crazy so maybe that’s why

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I packed in 6 1/2 hours of fuel and I had 1 1/2 hour reserve

I’m just not sure what happened

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You should check into the replay feature and you will know.

The replay is in the first post

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Aw, I see.
I will check it later to find out. :)

I mean like if AP disengages midflight then it is considered a bug and not the pilot’s fault (people do overnighters all the time right?)

Yea I agree

Yea. People do these 13 hour flights all the time on ES I’ve noticed on Live Flight

This happened to me in the A380 a couple weeks ago. We were never able to figure out what caused it. I assume this is probably due to Winds Aloft.

Yea maybe.