Autopilot disengages and crashes / Game crashes on final

I was doing a flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen (A330), everything was normal. I slept when i reached cruise and when I woke up I saw a stall warning and a crash. I went to the replay and I saw that my plane starting randomly wobbling and it got aggressive so autopilot disengaged and put me in a violent nose dive. I still don’t know what I did wrong. I was at 97% load, cruising at FL330 at mach .78. Can anyone help me?

On a side note, I don’t know why my game keeps on crashing. I did two 777 flights yesterday and my game crashed on final on both landings. I have enough free storage (6 GB of free storage), my graphics aren’t the highest and I always restart my iPad before flights. Saying that i’m annoyed is an understatement, the past 3 flights have been a disaster.


Very possible you were too heavy for that altitude. That has happened to me before when step climbing to a new altitude with a somewhat heavy plane. Try cruising low at 90%+ load and then start step climbing to desired altitude.

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After testing out the A333 at 97% load at FL330. I have found that it can handle it. You just need to climb at a very slow VS speed to get there so that it doesn’t violently loose speed. Maybe your aircraft could have gone through some severe wind and turbulence that threw the plane around and due to it being heavy could have caused it to loose speed and then get so slow that it would stall.

In regards to your app crashing. Did you have any apps open? As having too much apps open in the background could cause iPadOS to kill the app due to IF taking too much RAM and not leaving enough for other apps.


Mh climb rate was at 1500 fpm, so I still don’t know. I don’t know if the replay weather is accurate or not because it said 26 knots on the wind.

And no, I didn’t have any apps open.

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I was doing the flight with my friend, same plane and same loads but he’s still there. We cruised at the same altitude too, so I don’t think thats it. Plus, my N1 was fine.

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Hey, I have seen several threads about app crashes with the 777 aircraft specifically, one solution that has worked for me is to turn the aircraft count to Low during approach and landing. I’m not sure what’s causing the crashes but that’s a solution that has worked for me. Definitely hoping a cause and solution is found soon.

As far as the autopilot randomly disconnecting, I’m at a loss as to what could have caused that if you verified a stable cruise before leaving your device. The only thing that comes to mind would be a cracked screen as that can cause a false input.

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Yes indeed, I have run into the same occurrence in the past flying from RJTT-KJFK two years ago I believe. I was climbing at a 2300 VS (relatively average) and then noticed I was starting to lose speed. To counteract that issue, I decreased my VS to around 1300-1500 and my AS and GS monitors started to recover to safe speeds.

In the regards to the app crashing, there could be many possible reasons for that occurrence (i.e. network/OS issues in general).

Hope this helped - alongside Average_Gamer’s comment.

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