Autopilot disengaged itself for no reason in level flight

Device:iphone 7
Operating system:ios 15
Flying the f-16 from hong kong to singapore, i was in perfectly level flight more than halfway there and the autopilot disengaged itself for no reason at all causing me to crash. I have the replay file but i can’t add it here

You can share the replay using

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Hey there! Did you happen to accidentally press the autopilot button or put the plane in an extreme maneuver?

The following information is needed to investigate:

  • phase of flight, climb/cruise/descent, turn
  • flap setting or gear extended?
  • airspeed
  • flightlevel / elevation
  • aircraft grossweight, at least at takeoff, better for theat phase of flight
  • climbrate when in climb or descent phase
  • AP on heading or Flightplan

Without those information a pilot error is the most likely failure.

i was AFK for several minutes, i didn’t touch a thing

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See the replay link i posted

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I’ve taken a look at the replay.

The A/P doesn’t simply turn off by itself in the situation you were in. Was anyone else able to access your device?

Cool! Never seen that. Good that you were in a military aircraft, otherwise you’d have gotten a speeding violation.

Based on the replay the AP was turned of due to abnormal flight parameters.
It is not a manual AP turn off, those are orange in the replay, not red.

Unfortunately not all flight parameters are recorded, eg grossweight, fuelstate, Flightplan, etc where not recorded.
With the parameters found in the replay I was not able to reproduce a AP deactivation, and I couldn’t reproduce the aircraft behaviour after the AP disengagement.

With the information available here it could neither reproduced nor explained.
Sorry for that.

Knowing load and fuel would help, I‘ll have that always in my bottom line.

bottom line example

A screenshot when something unusual happens could give relevant information for later investigation.

Give it another try, may be it never happens again, may be we get behind the reason next time.



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