Autopilot disengaged for no reason

So I was flying from KSFO to VIDP and about an hour away from landing my autopilot disengaged for some reason but i was away so I didn’t know. When I looked in replay my plane literally just took a little turn and then it said autopilot disengaged and it spun out of control and crashed in the mountain.
I anyone could help or provide explanation it would be appreciated. Thanks

could you share your replay?

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Personally, I’ve never had the autopilot disengage by itself, so I could envision someone or something touching your device that caused it to disconnect the autopilot.

If you have anybody in your house that always touches your device, I would often ask them first, but if you also have a pet that tends to go around messing things up, that might be a culprit too.

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I live alone and my my cat was out my room I think!

Maybe something touch your screen?
Droplets? Kids? Ghost?👻


I was very close to someone I was flying with ahead so was wondering if somehow my plane turned away?

It mightbe a sudden and strong tail wind! May be check Windy at the time it happened.

I was right behind someone else so might be that

Er… being behind someone has no edfect per se in the app!

What was your location when your autopilot had disconnected?

literally just above VILH

It could likely be the winds produced by the tall mountains below that triggered the disconnect since Leh Airbase is surrounded by tall mountains, unless if you were at a high altitude.

Also how many knots was the wind blowing at that time?

I was at 34 agl so not sure if that’s high with the mountains

Have you checked what GS does vs IAS in the replay?

Happened to me a couple times…I was at 41 or close to.

Combination of weight, height, wind and speed.

Aircraft failed to maintain altitude conveniently while I stepped away on a long haul.

34 ft above ground level is definately not ‘high’ !


This could have been cause by a multitude of things; something or someone could have touched your device, headphones or a charger with bad wiring could have messed with your device internally, or it is even possible that your aircrafts autopilot could have simply exceeded its limits and disengaged itself for whatever reason.

Either way, this is probably a one-time thing and the damage has been done. The only recommendation I can truly give you is to make sure your able to monitor your aircraft at least an hour outside of your destination.

Edit: Forgot to mention this, but another useful tip is that some devices have a feature that allows you to lock the screen while playing a game to avoid accidental screen-touches.

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I have had the same issue today and I got a level 3 violation because of it.

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How long into your flight were you when it happened and in what aircraft? I know of something similar that happened and I’m curious if it’s similar.

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Autopilot disengages if the aircraft is forced beyond a certain attitude limit. We’ve all experienced autopilot disengage when exceeding the maximum allowed bank angle?

My first suspicion with your low agl is that the aircraft made terrain contact at some point too gentle for a crash but strong enough for a sudden bank or pitch beyond the cuttoff limit. And that disengaged the autopilot. Just my best guess though.

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