Autopilot Disengage

Yesterday, I decided to take a break for an hour from the expert server to have some free flight without too much of a worry. During this time, I was on the ILS for 25R @KLAX. Had an f22 pull up a few feet ahead just off the co-pilots window (he might’ve even touched the aircraft). Had the collision header pop up, and all of a sudden my autopilot disengaged and my A380 fell out of the sky like a sack of potatoes on final. Airspeed was fine and everything else seemed to be in order as I was already on the localizer. Does the autopilot disengage if it senses an aircraft too close, or was this just a freak accident?


The F22 pilot should be contacted and punished properly, as they have caused you to crash when such an event was preventable/intensional.

Although i’ve not ever seen a collision warning notification and neither have I seen something like this cause AP to disengage, furthermore you shouldn’t ever allow someone to hit your aircraft like this without permission or obvious evidence you two are playing around and cause a crash, definitley take this up with a moderator and push for some type of violation/degrade

Well I think it was a collision header, it was in purple at the top of the screen just as he pulled up. Didn’t catch what it said as it all happened so fast as I was taking a sip of water, which is why I couldn’t recover in time lol. I believe it was a collision message but I’ve never had an aircraft get that close to me in air before. As for finding out who it was, unfortunately he didn’t link his IF to his game account so I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for him. Stuff like this happens all the time on training servers though.

Don’t let this happen to you again, because it doesn’t have to. They can still be found via their ID, again please take this up with a moderator, causing someone to crash is something dire and extremely rude considering the pro subscription is over $100 yearly.

I’ve been flown threw on expert server (this was June 2020) (I was in a 737 and an A380 flew right threw me on final) and I had APPR mode on and the AP just stay on and kept doing the approach even though I got barreled by a literal A380

Your problem may be a system glitch


I was thinking the same thing but we wouldn’t be here had the pilot not literally be the cause of the crash. System glitch or not I really hope the pilot gets found and handled.

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I didn’t know they could still be found if they don’t have an IF linked to their account. Just went online and now I see each person has a personal identifier. I will know for next time! I tried the report feature but it wouldn’t let me do that either. Luckily this wasn’t on the expert server otherwise I probably would’ve raged lol. It’s something I have come to expect on the training servers. If moderators need to hit their ban quotas, just sit at KLAX for 2 mins on the training server, 90% of the time they are in military aircraft lol.

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Yeah, IF seriously needs to do something about fighter jets harassing players.

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Seems like a freak accident, but just to make sure, could you send us the replay of the flight?

You can upload it here:

As per OP request