Autopilot disengage

A quick question…

On autopilot and just about to land about 500ft I disengage autopilot and my aircraft nose dives…
I have calibrated , but it still does it.

What causes this ?

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You want to make sure your trim is good as well. You can check this by seeing a pink line on the trim button. If the line is above the center, you need to lower the trim. If the line is below the center, you need to increase the trim.

If the line is above or below, once autopilot is disengaged, the aircraft will adjust the nose to meet what it needs which is why it will either dive or float.

Video Tutorial:


Thanks for the prompt response, I’m landing soon so will give this a go.

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Cheers. Yours is good.

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I’ve had this issue before. I would left APPR take the plane right in and then at about 500 feet would disconnect. I started using trim, like mentioned above, but I also started disconnecting a lot sooner. If there is food visibility, I like to take it. If the visibility is bad, I may left APPR land it, depending on how bad it is. I’ve landed in 0SM visibility and band flew it lol in the day time. Was actually a pretty good landing. It’s all based off of preference on when you disconnect, but I would do it sooner rather than later. And trim is awesome! Start using it! Hope this helps. 😊


I have just tried this trim landing and totally crashed… I couldn’t get it zero trimmed as the nose kept going up and down roller coaster. Heheh suppose it’s all practice. I normally let the autopilot take me all the way in but wanted to try the trim…

I disengage my autopilot no later than the 1000ft callout. Gives me time to adjust


It just takes practice. Do a bunch of landing in solo and try different trim settings. I use one trim preset for each aircrafts. For the Airbus A320 family, I use 20%. For the Boeing 777 family I use 25%. It might take some time to get used to. Solo landings really helped me figure out what I liked.

Cheers for the advice , will give it a try tonight.

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Hi , I tried it out and it seemed to work but I will keep practicing.

My friend has a question he has asked me to ask the community,

When he lands the aircraft abruptly skids off the runway ???

What would cause this to happen ?

He disengaged the autopilot , lands and skids off runway and the plane just spins around and around.


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Im not sure. Maybe he is using too much rudder?

No he lands and as soon as he touches down the plane seems to head off the runway sharply…

Not sure…

He is asking does he keep the HDG on during autopilot landing ? What should he have on or off during landing ?


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Maybe try un-coupling the rudder or making sure to calibrate? Im guessing he is calibrating though, right?

Is this a once off or all the time

All the time

When your friend taxis if they tilt the device does it turn the aircraft?

I will ask and come back to you.


one tip id give is turning off AP when you enter final approach (around 3000ft) unless your flying in conditions where the visibility is below 3sm.

He says yeah the aircraft turns left and right when he tilts the device .?