Autopilot Disengage and more


Congratulations for the application, I have a pair of suggestions to improve Infinte Flight: You must revise aircraft reaction when autopilot disengage, It is not pleasant disengage the autopilot after a long fight and fall 2000ft in 3 seconds on final approach and crash your flight. I bet on real flights you don’t have this aircraft reaction.

It would be great if you can improve animated parts of B757 have a look when you deployed spoilers and compare with B747-400 and last but not least, I know we are talking about a cellular application and usual processor and RAM limitation but I can’t see the runway or taxiway when landing at night, No differences between landing light on or off.

That’s all folks! (For the moment)


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You have to calibrate your device and check your trimming before disengaging the A/P ;)


Thank you for your suggestion!