Autopilot Disconnect Sound

Recently, while in a flight, I was seated in row 5 of the A-320. While landing, I heard the autopilot disconnect beep from inside the cockpit. I was kind of surprised since I thought the cockpit doors are usually sound proof. Can the sounds really stream out? Also can pilots control the volume of the alarms?


I don’t think so, it’s probably preset when the airplane is made.

The sound you heard is most likely the Seat Belt sign turning On or Off. You cannot hear the sound when the pilot turns AutoPilot On or Off.

@dasabel100 I was just about to say the same thing! :)

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It was not seat belt sign for sure. It was about 500-1000 ft when the sound came. And it was the typical 3-beep aural warning.

The chimes you hear are one of two kinds. The first is basically just a phone call. The flight attendant stations and cockpit share an intercom system through which any station is able to call one another." When a call is made, the phone will ding.

Chimes are also used by pilots as a signalling device for the cabin crew. Airlines have their own rules for how many chimes mean what and when they’re given. Those after take-off may “indicate the plane has passed through 10,000 feet (3048 metres), at which point passengers can use electronic devices”. During descent, it’s equivalent to “we’ll be landing soon, so please get the cabin ready”.

Hope this helped.

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So theres no chance one can hear the autopilot disconnect sound outside the cockpit when the doors are closed?

It’s possible. It depends only a bit that the cabin is quiet and you sit in one of the first rows. I also heard the Sound in a B738 of Turkish Airlines.
There is also a video on YouTube where a passenger filmed it in a EasyJet.

Actually you can hear the sounds sometimes through the cockpit doors. I heard a stall buzzer on Alaska airlines climbing out of anchorage. It was kinda scary 😕


Yes, when on an Easyjet A320 I heard the autopilot disconnect alarm.

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