Autopilot disconnect issue

This morning I was coming into Paris in a air austral 787-8 and when I was getting close i calibrated so the plane does Go crazy and then disconnected it to hand fly it in but when I turned autopilot off the plane shot Up then stalled and flipped and crashed short of the runway! Can someone tell me what happened if I did something wrong or what happened

is it possible for you to share your replay of the flight using this website Share My Infinite Flight, please?

But I think it has to do with your trim. What value was it at?

I don’t advise calibrating when your plane is descending. Calibrate it only when it’s straight and level flight.

In addition, perhaps you might want to reconfigure your control sensitivity settings in the Settings tab of the app to make it less sensitive, so it won’t react as violently.

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Ok thanks do the replies I’m gonna try it again my next long haul is gone be not the 787 as well so hopefully that will be different

Your aircraft was likely not trimmed properly. Please search around for how to do it on this forum. TL;DR change the percentage until you don’t see the pink line.

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