Autopilot disconnect error

Today i was flying a short-haul route and i have disconnected AP and i randomly stalled:

Replay code:RCYMORQLFO
Can anybody help me?
I have a Samsung A 50

Yea one second

What’s the replay code

Have added it.

Ok let me check it

I actually disengagend the Autopilot to descend.

And i have calibrated before

What speed were you during the Descent?

  1. You can see it in the replay

It looks like part of your problem is that you had full flaps going so fast and descending so fast. Is what probably happened is when you disconnected auto pilot it centered the horizontal stabilizer

Sorry I didn’t replay earlier. I had no cell service

I have tested that and i could still fly normal.

It’s not the flaps that have the error I think. I think you were too fast for the flaps so when you disengaged the auto pilot so the nose went up very fast

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