Autopilot did its own thing

Pictures speak for themselves really. Once I passed 5800N/10000W, autopilot started a gradual right turn for no reason, even though LNAV was set onto the next waypoint. Eventually, it stopped turning right and instead started going in circles.

Deviation starts at around 2:10 in, the heading target for the autopilot stays at 312, however it decided to turn right away from that anyway. About 7 hours in the heading target changes, and that’s when I started doing circles.

United 131 had the same fpl as me, for reference.

Device: iPad Air 2
Operating system: IOS 15.7.3

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We actually have a known issues for this.
So for now all I can say;

Avoid the north pole with NAV.

Sorry for the inconvenience though. Sucks when ones flight gets interrupted this way.


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