Autopilot Cut out mid flight

Hello IFC,

On a recent flight from HKJK to EDDF
I was flying at FL350 and M 0.85 in a 787-8.
When I came home, I was greeted with two speed violations and CRASH. I quickly looked at the replay and saw that my Autopilot had been disengaged. I had no idea how this happened. If anyone wants the replay file, feel free to ask. Is there any way I can get theese speed violations taken off of my account as I had no part in them.


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Maybe you ran out of fuel

We’re you on the same account on IF on another device while you were away? Even though I don’t think you would get violations if this happenned, as your account is disconnected.

That happened to me not long ago. Probably someone touched your phone or you didn’t put the auto pilot on nav

I definitely had enough fuel and none of us were home at the time of this, also I dont have IF on any other device

Can any stafff or mods help me out, please

It’s confirmed. You have a ghost in your house. He is a XP11 fan. He came over to your phone and disabled A/P. Hehe case solved. im gonna go now lol


I think I do hahah

Oh wow, that’s unfortunate. I hope it gets resolved.

Can I see the replay so I can see the exact time it happened

Hmmm? There is a similar issue on the 787 here. We will need your replay. Did you stall mid flight?

The key here is to listen as well. But as @Kuba_Jaroszczyk mentioned, please share your replay and we’ll have a look.


Ok sure thing:)

Here is the code if you need it

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Your autopilot didn’t magically disengage. Were you using any 3rd party apps at the time?

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No I have no 3rd party apps

Okay. Because by the looks of it, your ALT setting was either changed or completely disabled. Sounds like the engines were as well (maxed out). HDG remained, but got turned off due to the dive. This triggered the AP to turn off.


Yeah I heard the engines, but I have no idea why it would happen. I was not home at the time, nobody was?

will take a look

does your device has any kind of sensitive “touch” issues? the screen maybe? maybe a fly landed on the Altitude button and turned it off! i ain’t kidding.