Autopilot cruise issue

Every time I fly a boeing 777, it doesn’t stay at the altitude I want it to be at during cruising. I set my altitude for 34,000ft (happens with at all altitudes) and it goes to it, then goes up 500 vs for around 2 seconds and the same thing down. Is there a way to fix this?

Yes. This is a known issue. Try lowering your VS about 1000-2000 feet below your desired cruise altitude.

Maybe you’re going to fast. Make sure you have a VS of 1500-2000.

This is typical with the 777-300ER. It’s an old aircraft.

What you should do is instead of setting your autopilot to hold an altitude, set it to hold 0 vs, and set the autopilot altitude above or below your actual altitude. This works well for me.

Also, you may be too heavy for your weight, and will have to step climb. See this topic:

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Thanks for the feedback!

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