Autopilot Crashing

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At cruising altitude, when engaging LNAV or VNAV, the autopilot excessively adjusts the pitch and roll of the aircraft, causing it to wobble violently from side to side and finally slowing down to the point of stalling.

I am unable to comprehend the cause of this onset. I have conducted tests at various altitudes and with different aircraft, but no specific pattern has emerged.

**Device- Apple Iphone 14 IOS 17.3.1
App Version- 24.1.1 (7342)

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You might to high for your weight

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Thank you for the reply Airnico ,my load was 73% in an a321 (176,638lbs) at FL320

I’ve had this problem before, if you climb too fast and your weight is too high you can stall and when planing descent make sure there is enough room to descend to a certain altitude or els tou will descend too fast, and also one more thing i use a calculation of 1000ft/4nm so every 4 nautical miles you descend/climb 1000ft that will result in a descend/climb rate of 1800ft/min vs. anyways i hope this helps have a nice day/night.

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