Autopilot crash

Yesterday, when I was on my way from Houston to Cancun (short distance) my autopilot was disabled with no reason and my fault. I was left my phone for a few minutes so I didn’t see that and my aircraft began to fall… I received 5 violations and lost my grade 3. I’m trying to build my experience with hard and fair work, have no reports and a few violations for speed only. Can you help me and back me to my Grade 3? Now I have to wait 7 days… :( Sorry for my english
Greetings from Warsaw

Without the actual replay file, it is impossible to tell what happened. You could have been climbing too steep and stalled, etc.

You have link to video

I am asking for the full replay file. The video is one view where I want to be able to change views, see your HUD, look at the map, etc.

There are a few ways to do this. The one that we suggest using is through Share My Infinite Flight. Below are a few helpful links to get you started. Simply click on the blue letters to redirect you to their prospective topics:

Option #1

  1. Managing Replays - Find your replay with ghosting and export it to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox or another means of file sharing.

  2. Share My Infinite Flight - Then upload the file through this website. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Option #2

  1. Another option would be to share your replay through Google Drive or another file sharing service. Please make sure that the link you send is public. If the file is private I will be unable to access the replay for review.


Do you have someone with you in your home that may accidentally press it or something?

No, I was alone :(

Send us the replay file (not the video) and we will check what is happening.

I don’t have it, I don’t know why and how but I deleted it (I think while deleting replays of flights with time 00:00) I can only show you all video with no cut. You can see little bit more:

Without a replay, there is nothing we can do at this point. The video is still an external camera which gives us zero information.

I need the HUD camera view.

This. Is. The. Video.

Are you sure you didn’t find any replay file? Find it here in the menu.

Sharing a replay

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I know how to do it but like I wrote in last message, I don’t have the replay od this flight because I deleted in while deleting flights with no time…

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Will respond via PM