Autopilot Climb

We should include FLC climb mode to the autopilot instead of just using Vertical Speed mode or VNAV. What FLC does is the same as Vertical Speed except it pitches the aircraft to maintain the airspeed or Mach number instead of vertical speed with a given power setting.

This is very efficient and useful because it lets the aircraft climb at its best climb speed (Vx, Vy, or cruise climb) and reduce the risk of stalling the aircraft during a climb. The reason I say we include this is because this is how almost all aircraft with autopilots climb to altitude IRL.

yes usually after take-off i turn my auto pilot and nav made on so definitely do it.

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@Josh_Suarez… MaxSez: Well stated, an excellant suggestion, technically correct and a RW solution to the AP kickout and incorrect settings which plagues the fledgling community and leads to Overspeed violations. You got my vote and confidence. Keep your technically correct recommendations coming.


That would help me out a lot more than using vertical speed straight after takeoff.

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What happened to your regular tag? @Maxmustang

MaxSez: Just slowly coming back from hiatus. Tag ect will be reloaded soon. Thank for the reminder, not a priority right now. Regards

Yes! Yes! Yes! I want this, and I want it NOW! This would be a very good addition to realism and would make the climb (and decent) phase much more fluid.

Gotta bump this. It’s a great idea