autopilot / changing HDF

hey guys

is there any way of changing the degrees how fast hdg changes are done?


You mean how fast the aircraft turns?

If you are on a FPL it depends on the angle to your next waypoint.

This is not a feature in game at the moment

If I’m correct he means the bank angle of the plane when turning headings. In airlines that have a switch to choose what bank they turn at and it ranges from 5 - 30 I think


Yeah I thought that - there’s no way you can adjust it manually.

However if you are on a FPL and you have a shallow turn coming up (maybe a 5-10 degree change) - the plane won’t bank all the way as if it was doing a sharper turn.

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That’s just how the auto pilot works though with the angle of the turn

The AP bank angle is not generally high enough I find, and the faster you’re going the more of an issue… (so we could slow down… 😉). I would like 20 degrees, just enough to be effective without spilling the coffees.

I give big turns a helping hand with rudder if I’m overshooting too much.

A standard turn is a rate 3 turn (3 degs per sec) and often AP doesn’t even achieve half of that lol

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