Autopilot causes nosedive, crash & 2 violations

Iphone 12:
IOS 16.1.2:

Hi, i was on a night flight from Vancouver to Bangkok. I was 3 hours into a long 13 hour flight when the plane did an un-command right roll, mind you the plane was LNAV enabled with a straight flight path. It started at a gentle roll, then became a 90 degree roll. Around 30 seconds into the roll, Autopilot was disengaged then the nose had an aggressive nose up movement. Then the plane started falling out the sky vertically. The plane started to plummet into the ground. At this point the plane was inverted and was “descending” at 500knts to which i received 2 violations. The plane started to recover but it was futile, I was asleep. I wish for the violations to be removed since i didn’t commence this roll and it is due to a bug. Thanks.

Just send your replay to @appeals and they should be able to help.

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Sounds like a Dutch role - Didnt know you can do those in IF

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