Autopilot caused a violation

Happily cruising along at M0.79, then suddenly BOOM, I get a violation for exceeding M0.87 and I realise that my autopilot has somehow let the speed increase to that level!

After that, the autopilot strangely cuts throttle and decreases speed back again. It’s as if the autopilot wanted to prank me.

Here is my replay file for proof.

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Auto pilots don’t let (ground) speed increase, but climbing does. It may be that your aircraft was too heavy and you were climbing too fast?

Always stay with your aircraft during its climb.

I was at cruise when the violation occured. I was not heavy at all - I was just making a 3 hour flight.

Is there any possibility that you disengaged the auto throttle without noticing and it climbed?

No, there is not. You can look at the replay file if you want.

I’m just waiting for a staff member to see this, so they would be able to help me out and clarify this with me

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Yea I watched the replay and I saw you were over .87 for a slight second and then you slowed down pretty much straight away. Some factors which caused this may be the wind, payload(weight) and altitude. However it comes down to you monitoring the flight, as if you were not I believe the mods won’t bother looking into that much.

if the autopilot is engaged in a normal way and a violation occurs then the game has malfunctioned and would be grounds for a reversal. No one monitors their flight every twenty seconds to check for stuff like this.


Maybe you hit a strong pocket of wind, thus increasing your speed? I recommend shooting a moderator a PM with the replay as proof and see if they could reverse that violation.

I don’t think that’s allowed in IF 😋


Too save watching a.3hr replay of the whole flight, can you say at what time in the flight this happened?

The violation time is displayed on the time bar in the replay. I believe it’s the red vertical bar.

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Thanks never knew that!

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Yes. I agree, but after watching the video he was in a rough air patch. This caused major turbulence, and with my point I’ve seen many cases where they review and incidents occur whilst the person is not monitoring the flight, had he had been checking he could have descended and avoided the violation. But you could be right, the auto pilot may be malfunctioning.

From what I can see most of the fl9ght was done between 0.88 - 0.91, which would mean that with a bit turbulence you could easily be pushed over. as the B737 normally flys around 0.82 in the cruise this has to be a contributing factor rather than issue with the AP.


my cruise speed was set at 0.79, which is an appropriate cruise speed for the 737.

i got the violation while travelling at 0.87, which was the highest speed that i achieved on the flight. therefore it’s completely erroneous to state that most of the flight was done between 0.88 to 0.91.

I’m surprised a staff member hasn’t helped you out yet🤔

@rockpapernuke… MaxSez: The “Auto-Pilot” did it is like sayin the dog ate your homework… LOL. YOU WHERE NOT MINDING THE STORE, it a machine generated violation. Ya gotta watch the Speed Tape and Overspeed placard pilgrim. “Pilot Error” obviously… Next violation Gripe pls. (Suggest install IF Assistant)


@David_Lockwood, the Mach value you see in the replay is not correct. Currently, replays do not store information regarding winds, meaning that if there were a tailwind during the actual flight, the Mach value in the replay would be shown as higher because the replay assumes the wind value to be zero.

@rockpapernuke, it is possible that you have encountered winds during your flight which could have increased your speed, hence why you received your violation. This is not the app’s fault. Although this may be frustrating, at the end of the day, it’s only a violation which will expire. Unfortunately, there isn’t much which can be done in this case as the autopilot was functioning as intended (looking at the replay).


If that was the case it would’ve only increased ground speed which does not affect violations

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Well, that could simply be because we try live on our regular lives during weekends ;) It’s only been 14hrs since this was posted, and it’s Sunday today…

To the topic;

Never in the history of this app, has there been an incident where the AP just does what it feels like doing on it’s own while someone was actually looking at their device. It’s always when the app is not being monitored. Does that mean the app has a personality of it’s own and likes to mess with people? I would say not :)

I would not say weather is the cause of this either, as we’re talking a kind of big jump that had to have lasted for more than 20 seconds as the aircraft jumped from M.79 to more than M.87.

It’s more likely that there was some kind of external influence here. This can for example happen when you use the VNAV function in In Flight Assistant or any similar application and accidentally set the speed at a certain waypoint by mistake to something that is way too high. It could also be that someone in your household decided that the aircraft is not a 737 but in fact the Concorde and therefore tried to break the mach limit. One possibility I’ve also thought about, is the the Connect API picks up something random transmitted on your WiFi and interprets that as a speed command.

It’s always super hard to tell what actually happened in these cases. As they always seems to happen when there’s no one around.

I don’t mean to yell at someone by saying this, not at all. Just trying to somewhat educate and help you understand that situations like this is almost impossible to find a cause to.

Fortunately, it was only one violation which is not the end of the world or have any effect on your server access :)