Autopilot can't handle the plane

When I'm flying at FL360 on autopilot. After some time the plane goes left and right, like it has trouble staying on the gps or something, any way to prevent this? I'm flying in the A321 and there are practically no winds? I have the same issue when I want to stay on a specific heading.

Device: Ipad 9th gen
Operating system: Newest OS

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You might be too heavy or too slow, try descending and/or increasing your speed.


Definitely not too slow, going .79 and withing MLW

This is an issue with the A320s, normally descending helps.

Descended to FL340 and upped speed a little bit, I flew a lot with the A320 at .78 and never had this problem. A321 is a bit of a different model ig, problem solved now at FL340. Thanks for the help!


The A321 specifically have always been a bit bonkers. There’s been countless of hours spent on improving the bonkers physics on it but it just keeps popping up new bonky behaviours.

First it was the random and progressively worse pitch up/down behavior… now it’s this. This behavior usually comes with being too heavy for the current altitude.


This is a known issue with the A321, it’s happened to me lots of times regardless of weights and speeds…

No worries. I agree the weight and speed seems to be fine, I don’t know why it does that. Happy descending worked though. Have a great day.

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Never had this, but i’m really new to this plane. Coming from the A320 I was really surprised. Didn’t know it had so many physics problems.

Couldn’t find a post like this, but at least I’m happy I’m not doing something wrong. Descending now into KLAX in a couple of minutes :)

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I always see people complain about this issue with the A321. It is my most flown plane (and my bae forever ❤️) and I have never had this issue when cruising (fl300-fl370) at varying weights and a normal cruising speed of mach 0.78-0.80.

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I’ve wondered before if this issue has some device dependency: the possibility of somewhat older devices with lower frame rates producing (as I put it before) coarser “calculation granularity” between time cycles. Resulting in oscillations.


sorry but dude go touch some grass- 💀


This quickly gets ruled out when people use low power mode, 10 FPS 100ms ping

Could you please point me to your source of info.

It’s not clear to me you can simply slow down the clock for low power mode without making other cycle adjustments. But I might be wrong.

In liw power mode. The frames drop but time doesn’t slow down. So calculations don’t slow down right?

By slow down the clock I’m metaphorically referring to slower pace of frame rates (less calculations per unit time consuming less power), not that the pacing clock actually slows down. And even with lower frame rates being the driver, I’m just assuming based on hearsay.

The reason I had a question in that direction is that I believe the oscillations disappear when you shut off the autopilot. So there is something implied beyond just a mixture of too slow, heavy and high.

A feedback cycle I wondered, causing oscillation by alternating overcorrections. Calculation coarseness (just made up the term). It’s just a rough idea of one possibility of a direction to look.


Yeah, I have no idea if calculations happen per frame, or how it works in general. But this theory could well be possible, although when I reacted to the situation, and with that my frames went from 10 to 30 nothing happened. And it happened again when I was pretty sure I constantly was at 30 frames. So maybe this theory is just wrong, or I’m wrong with my frames story, anyhow it’s pure speculation.

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I think your questioning is good. The main issue I’m left with is that this is dependent on autopilot being off or on. And that takes away from the idea that it is, necessarily, mostly related to too high/slow/heavy. So where that clue leads is an open question.

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