Autopilot can do butter?

Hey guys! i have a question… Can Autopilot land a plane smoothly?
Cuz sometimes u can’t fly with a lot of traffic and fps drop…

if yes, tell me how to do it? :)

It can but its very much the appr’s decision. Sometimes you get good landings sometimes your wondering if you could slam into the ground any harder. If you are having fps
drops I recommend lowering your graphics settings and plane count so you can land yourself.

Hope this helps :)

Nope, i know about graphics… That’s not issue. I need tutorial, is TRIM can help APPR mode do Butter?

Ye always use trim during flight

Trim -5 or -10%?

You can use this topic > All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!)

It helps me a lot. Then you just have to adjust that profiles to your weight

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Hmm it depends of a lot of conditions. Mostly your weight, speed, wind, trim etc. If you master all of them and you have perfect landing conditions you will butter.

use this video from infinite flight support!

Trim is not necessary when you are using autoland/APPR as the autopilot has full control over the flight control surfaces. Trim would only be useful if you plan to disengage the autopilot at some point before touchdown and manually land. Either way trim should be on the +, somewhere around +20-40 because trim is meant to lessen back pressure.

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There is really nothing you can do. Since the APPR is flying and landing the plane, I think I depends on weight and wind. If you are heavy, if there is a lot of wind or both, the landing will probably be rough. If you are light and there is no winds, you will probably land smooth. Again, this is just what I think, I’ve never used APPR to the point the plane lands so I don’t know.

I never use autoland unless it is white out conditions. In my experience, a smooth landing with the APPR comes down to a couple things. You must intercept the localizer at a small angle, preferably a maximum of 30 degrees. You must also only activate APPR when you are on the glide path as the autopilot tends to behave erratically when you are off, leading to a hard landing. And lastly, perhaps the most important component is you must know your landing speed for your particular scenario, factoring in winds and weight, otherwise the autoland will smack the plane down onto the runway. If you manage to get all these right, the plane will likely touch down smoothly, assuming there aren’t large crosswinds or gusts. Best thing you can do is test everything on solo.

True, but it has been my guide for a long time and I never needed to change a lot the specs that they give us. :>

Thank you so much, for that that such a beautiful info, i will test it, and use it to myself, thanks for that helping guide again.

No problem. Get those greasy landings!

im afraid that when i disconnect A/P on final, my plane will like nose dive

@ybtl.aviation have had this happen to me before

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I trust my hands more than auto pilot at landing .

Because auto trim doesn’t exist in IF

The initial setting for trim is pretty much useless for autopilot. However you can change the trim if APPR is not flaring correctly to temporarily override the autopilot.

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