AutoPilot bug

How to reproduce

  1. Enter the game
  2. Go to solo or live
  3. Takeoff
  4. Set the VS alone
  5. Then set the ALT Without Activating, after you put the ALT, Activate it, The nose either drop down or go up

note 5
Android 6.0.1
IF version 10.06.0

Fully retract flaps and you won’t have that problem.


This happens on all aircraft. If you climb enough it should be a problem. Don’t put it on till about 3000ft.

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I thought it was flaps but it is not

That happened in the only the new 787 update

I’ve been activating the A/P after fully retracting flaps and haven’t had any problems with the nose dive.
Maybe you ascend too fast, try ascending slower.

lol I don’t think its a bug

You need to fly with speed above 250 knt an don’t extended the flaps

Nope I’m on iOS so I don’t have the update and it still happens.

Laura said she fixed it on the 787 i believe but im on iOS so who knows lol

Yes i think it’s fixed…the AP doesn’t dive when activated after take off…it’s very smooth transition from manual to AP

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great to hear I honestly cant wait to get my hands on this update

You’ll love it…its awesome…i handle the 787 like an egg right now!The AP is awesome…although they need a tutorial for trim

Seen that. Very _______ bug

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