Autopilot bug

My autopilot pilot is banging to the right and left when I am on a flight from KLAX-KATL is this a bug?

How are the winds where you’re at? Are you too heavy and cruising at too high an altitude? Also what plane are you flying?

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I was flying at 40000 feet with 36,000 pounds of fuel winds was 40kts with a A321 going to Atlanta from Los Angeles I ended my flight cause no one responded in time for me to know if it was part of real life or it’s a bug.

The A321 rocking is a known issue.

From my personal experience 40,000ft in an A321 is way too high and it will rock. I find FL320-FL360 is the best cruise altitude.

The A321 doesn’t work well at high altitudes. I’ve linked a few posts below that may help.

Regarding high altitudes:

Possible solution for lower altitudes:

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I thought that was a suitable attitude for from Los Angeles to Atlanta you can close it now.