Autopilot Banking Power

I have a suggestion, possibly this should be under features but I would first like to ask everyone what you guys think and if you guys agree with me.
So after we file the flight plan, fairly obvious the plane will follow the flight plan and fly using autopilot. However, for most of the aircrafts that I have flown, such as the DC-10 and the small ones, the aircraft banks sharply all of the sudden and resumes navigation shortly. This doesn’t exactly affect any issues overall but softening the bank seems to be more realistic.
Do you guys also observe this?


Do you think or agree that developers can possibly soften the bank on auto pilot navigation?

I think this is possible. This is also a good idea which hasn’t been brought up in a while.

Yes. The developers are aware of this.

Smooth Autopilot Transitions <- Here

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Thank you for bring that thread up, I have also voted for it. I started this topic since I didn’t key in the right key words to realise there was one already existing… My bad…

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