Autopilot (APPR) Should Stay On When Overweighted

Hello! Sorry the title wasn’t clear but i’ve noticed that when you touch the APPR button the autopilot disconnects automatically when you’re overweight. It can cause a lot of crashes, mostly for beginners that do not know the weight system on planes. My suggestion is that when you press the APPR button and you’re overweighted the autopilot should stay as it was before (no approach mode enabled)

It would be best to vote for your own request. I’m not fully understanding this request.

Isn’t this what fuel dump is for? And if your overweight on an aircraft with fuel dump you should have considered packing less fuel, passengers, or cargo.


Sometimes you’re just tired and haven’t checked the loads, and it would be great for beginners too since they aren’t really familiar with aviation or the IF user interface

Yes, but also what about the veterans on the game. The game is meant to be as realistic as possible and making it easy for beginners will only make it more frustrating for people who are already comfortable with the user interface. New comers will soon learn as we all have and if they don’t want to or don’t care, the game isn’t for everyone :). But I do not get when you said

mainly because when you’re in “pause” mode theirs a big option on the left that says “weight and balance”. I would think most people know how to drag the fuel to your designated desire

Though it is a (minor) problem, FIX: Fuel dump, or load less fuel

Tired?! Pilots shouldn’t be flying if they’re tired or fatigued… these are important features to be aware of.


Yeah I’m going to have to agree with Deer Crusher on this one. As said above- the sim was made to be as realistic as possible. Adding this feature would take the realism out of the app.

It’s literally 4-5 digits. You don’t have to be awake to be able to copy them. I mean, come on…

You shouldn’t be landing over MLW, nevermind using autoland.

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Nope. It shouldn’t.