AutoPilot and overspeeding

It doesn’t happen every second. You must have been over 250 for much more than 5 seconds to get 6 violations

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Slow Down and be fine


I believe it is three violations a minute (maybe that’s what you meant?). One every twenty seconds. You also get an overspeed warning for 20 seconds before the first violation.


I wish It was audible so when you are doing things like re arranged flight plans etc. you will be notified. like a co pilot would if you had the second person.

It doesn’t pop up on the screen even in cockpit view when you have the map open.

Personally, I always make sure I’m below 250 before going below 10,000, the maximum I decrease altitude when close to 250 is 1200-1400 VS. Your VS can increase your speed quicker than you can sometimes imagine.

I was below 250 at 240 at FL150 vs-1000 so im just gonna have to just not fly widebodies