AutoPilot and overspeeding

So Its friday night flight and I’m near completing my flight Air France 688 to Atlanta and I notice the guys on the ground are no longer using the runway I vectored myself for landing into. While in cockpit view after being slowed down to 240knots indicated airspeed I go change my plan around for more easy autopilot vectors leading me to the runway. Upon leaving the map view I see you are ghosted for exceeding overspeed warnings. This Is my first ghost and I honestly don’t understand how the auto pilot did this and got me ghosted after a near 9 and a half hour flight. And i’m betting this can’t be removed either. What can I do.


Well, what was your vertical speed, if your vertical speed was high that could lead to an increase of airspeed naturally.

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vs-1000 in 777-300 er

You were likely over 240, the AP may be set at 240 but if you are over it’s down to you to slow the aircraft down using spoilers, slowing down the descent etc

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Overspeed is 10 knots higher though, and at -1000fpm…


so even after using spoilers slowing it down like i did with spoilers to 240 which I did just creeps back up?

When you are descending from cruise alt it’s easily done, you shouldn’t go below 10,000ft until you check your speed as most of the time it will be closer to 300 knots especially in the B77W.

Yes @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 use spoilers for the whole descent and set the AP to 10,500ft then check the speed and set it to 220, wait until it reaches that speed then commence the descent below 10,000ft it’s safer and the B77W is one of the hardest aircraft to slow down so always be careful with it.

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Potentially, I have only flown the 77W once, so I cannot say for sure…

I always get below to 240 at FL150 but I guess you can never be careful enough guess ijust have to live with a 9hr 30 minute disappointing flight.

That’s how we learn from these things though, it’s happened to all of us at some point. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you need any more help feel free to message me :)

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from grade 3 almost 4 back to 1 im done with this game

You should be back to grade 3 in 7 days. It’s really not a big issue, keep working towards grade 4 and perhaps in one week you could be grade 4 if you meet the other criteria.

Trust me after years of being grade 5 I occasionally experience such things such as what you had happen. It’s not the end of the world, don’t give up on IF!


I wouldn’t throw the towel in just yet. You will only be there for a week or so. I know people who have gone from 4 to 1 and they have been there for months. But as soon as the violations are spent you will be back to normal. These aircraft are designed to be aerodynamic to reduce fuel consumption, so speed can creep back up really quick. It’s just a matter of getting acquainted with the aerodynamics and behaviour of the aircraft in question. Practice on the casual server until your confident you can fly it and know where you are with the dynamics of descents. Don’t give in though. You have come this far!


Similar thing happened to me on this evenings Friday Night Flight Night into Charles De Gaulle - Ghosted and I’ll be damned if I know why.

I perfectly happy to accept I may have made a mistake, but if the controllers want people to use the service properly then they should let people learn from their mistakes which will only happen if the controllers are required to explain the mistakes that have been made as part of the ghosting process.

How can I correct my error if nobody tells me what the error was?

Significant amount of cash invested into this game (as far as ios/android software goes) by users, and I understand why as it is an amazing piece of software, but when people have spent so much money they should get an explanation for being banned from servers - or refunded fo into being able to use the service they have paid for.

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There are two different types of reports. The first is after you get the 6th violation this is a system ghost. The second is where a controller physically reports you.

If you look at your logbook you can see if there were violations or if it was a report. If it was a physical report, you can see who reported you.

Autopilot will only cut throttle in an effort to slow down. If you are descending it may not be enough to avoid a violation. External cameras are hard during critical phases of flight unless you can see your speed in the bottom bar.


I was inside the cockpit but changing my flight plan something i liked about reaching max speed was the audible warning and that’s not a thing under 10,000 feet for 250. Its a widebody jet its heavy I get that now im just done. second time over speeding happened the first time due to a headwind raising indicated speed and this time due to descent I fixed the first one didn’t get ghosted nor was I that far along but its so dang aggravating to deal with this. I’m considering letting my subscription lapse at this point that just ruined everything.

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The software is amazing. We all pay and for some a significant amount of money. We pay for the services and as part of the services we get to use ATC. The rules are there for every body to follow. Now sometimes you may think that they are veen unfair ( I know of a few times I have have had violations that I think I didn’t deserve, but they also work for you too. They stop people from taking advantage and by doing that it makes things more realistic and better for every body. I haven’t met anybody who has not got even 1 violation at all. They do sometimes get to us may be 1-2% if the time, but they work for us 100% of the time. Don’t quit because if a week long server ban. Take it in the chin and keep going 🛫

3 violations a second is also still a bit much.

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1.week mate. I’m sure you can hack that. Come join our VA if your not in one yet. At VGVA we listen to you and try to help you as best we can. We also offer training which you would benefit from. Give me 1 week to change your mind. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

If I have broke any rules by asking this pilot to join our VA, then please remove the post. I didn’t think about that until I hit the reply button. Sorry in advance