Since I’m not a real Pilot. I would like to know at witch alttitude is a plane above the clouds. And is there a certain alttitude for the Autopilot to turn it on.

Could you explain your question in more detail?

That would depend on the type of cloud:


Low clouds are below 6000ft, medium clouds are from 6500-20000ft and high clouds are above 20000ft


Many clouds exceed 15,000 feet AMSL. You’re not gonna find an airport that high.

It depends, because clouds can be in any altitude. Currently, there are no clouds in-game so you will not be above or below any clouds.


Technically speaking, the autopilot can be engaged from 400ft AAL (Above Aerodrome Level)

With the minimum cloud level - that can vary between thousands of feet in difference.

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You can turn the autopilot at any time, (except from when you’re on the ground) it’s usually turned on at the climbing phase just a few minutes after departure I believe.


For reference and sticking to realism - I normally engage autopilot anywhere between 2000-10000ft AGL.

i usally turn it on at ~2500agl, if I know I can keep straight for a while. I never turn it on before 1000ft agl for sure.

a few min after takeoff more generally

Thank’s alot.

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