Autopilot after take off

I was just wondering when do.youguys switch the autopilot on after take off.

Once I reach 1000 AGL normally, unless it’s an airport like Queens Town; there I turn on right after takeoff since there are a lot of turns.


I turn on LNAV around 1000 feet after rotation, v/s as soon as I rotate, speed as soon as I get to the desired speed.


I wait until I’m above 1500ft AGL and I turn on VNAV and then at 3000ft I turn on my V/S and ALT settings

And speed normally when I’ve retracted all flaps

Depends, sometime at 3k feet or at 10k, depends on how much time I have and if the position I am at is comfortable anought

Because I usually fly until 7000ft then I switch on autopilot

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I turn on LNAV at 400 AGL. I then engage vertical speed and alt hold at 1000 AGL. Then autothrottle/autothrust at 250kts.

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I just handfly the departure, it’s just more fun. Once I have a reasonable VS and minimal turns after the SID then I switch the AP on

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I go up until 8000 before I turn in LNAV.

I turn on LNAV after takeoff then hand fly till FL100

Always really depends on my mood and workload. Today I once flew manually to 10000+ feet and once I switched it on before 800feet AGL.

Usually I make my flight plans to a specific waypoint, I usually manually control until I get to that waypoint ( If it is nearby )

VFR- Above 3000ft
IFR- Now that SID’s are available, it depends.
I could engage A/P passing 2000ft or I can fly manual to 10000ft. But again, it depends on the type of SID I choose

I normally engage autopilot at 5,000 feet AGL, unless in low visibility, then I engage it at 3,000 feet AGL

at fl300 after rotation.

I do the exact same thing! ;)

Depends on the airport, I will turn all my autopilot on except speed around 4000AGL, speed I turn on when I reach desired speed for under 10,000AGL

I love hand flying with all my heart, so I typically turn it on at 20,000 or so.

Takeoff - completely manual
Gear up - VS and HDG set
Climb to 10000ft - VS, HDG, Speed and LNAV set
Climb to cruise: VS, HDG, Speed, LNAV, and cruise ALT set