Autopilot 23.3


To those of you having this issue with strange behaviour occurring after disengaging the AP, could you please send us a replay?

Please make sure to include as much information as possible as to what happened, what you were doing, username and such.

You can send the replay to


Ok. Thanks for helping. I sended it

I think I founded it…… maybe the issue is from the calibrate . That’s the reason why when I turn off the AP . Nose will pull up or push down .

I think I found the problem

You did?
Any idea what triggered callibration?

Calibrate sometimes it’s ok sometimes it’s not….
Calibrate it’s ok before take off, later on during the landing when AP turn of the issue will pull it up or push down. So that’s why I need to do calibrate (2nd time ) before I turn off the AP

So you’re saying that when you calibrate, sometimes the elevators get set at an angle instead of level?

I don’t know what makes calibration has issues. I hope I can help the Technical Support a little bit. Do you have any problem like this ?

I’ve been unable to repro this.
Have been trying so many things already.

So when you tap “Callibrate” sometimes the elevators aren’t set to level flight. Is that right?

In my iPad YES
I Using iPad Pro . iOS 17

Do you do other things or does something happen before calibration isn’t level?

There are some theories floating around regarding this internally. Thanks!


Yes sometimes

I love this game . So I used 8 hours to found out what’s is going . I wish i can help you guys ….

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Maybe my iPad angle ?

Before take off i did celibate with pictures 1 ( ipad angle)
During flight pictures 2 ( ipad angel)
When landing I used the pictures 1 angle. I makes nose pushed down ( pictures 3

thanks you . That’s exactly problem what I have. hope they got the new hotfix soon…

This just happened to me as well a moment ago, and I had to go around.
I think yaqin_wen found the issue of it. It seems IF occasionally does or delays the calibration.
I did the calibration for landing during the descending period; then, I put my iPad to the table until the final.
Since I disconnected the Autoland, at that time, the calibration was clearly not the position I did (It was like being calibrated on the table).

Hahaha. .anyway It was fun . Because we had the free experience about 737 max MCAS system. I made my aircraft. Landing safely . I was enjoy it ,honestly I really don’t like it.

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We train the aircraft MCas SYSTEM

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