Autonomy of the B747-8 too low.

Hello everyone I made this topic about the B747-8 because I found that this aircraft has a low battery compared to its competitors.

Indeed as you see in the picture, it has in IF that this aircraft has a range of more than 22 hours of flights, but it is not the case every time I fly with this aircraft with full tanks, I can not get past the 11 hours of flights at FL300.
To finish here is an example, yesterday I wanted to make the flight LH431 B748 from KORD to EDDF which is exactly 8 hours of flight, for I had 13 hours of autonomy but until then, that was not enough because a Once arrived at my cruise altitude FL350, the tank counter displayed 6h20 minutes of autonomy.
so please if you know how to handle it’s plane tell me thank you

In my opinion, flying this aircraft is complicated. I cannot explain the issue with the Autonomy or the Fuel usage yet but indeed I can agree that the aircraft size and physics is much different compared to other aircrafts in Infinite Flight.


The amount of fuel consumed is directly affected by winds and the weight of your aircraft. What is displayed in the app, is a rough average. It is not taking winds and weight into consideration.

As you can see below, i can set the passenger and cargo weights to maximum and it will show 15:00hrs of fuel. I can also set them to absolutely zero, and it will still show 15:00hrs of fuel. This because the time value we display is average, and not that precise. It generally works quite well for shorter flights, but not for longer ones.

This is partially because it’s based on your current fuel consumption. Which is always higher in the beginning of the flight than it is later on. It could also be that you’re too low on fuel compared to how much cargo and passengers you have loaded.


I’d recommend creating accurate Flight plans the next time to save more fuel consumption and finish your flight successfully without receiving any problems. Obviously, I am recommending, as this is probably one of the simplest and the best Flight Planners into Infinite Flight developed by one of our Staff members. 🙂

thanks for your explanation but I would like to know one thing how do you explain that for a KORD-EDDF flight, the B748 consumes more fuel than an A388 with the same number of passengers, cargo and fuel While normally, he went out much later than his competitor.

It’s not the same type of aircraft. Simple as that.

one last question please what is the real autonomy of this plane?

I don’t understand the question I’m afraid? What do you mean with autonomy?

how many hours of flight this plane is able to do in infinite flightin reality

It depends on your weight and the winds…
I haven’t tried a full from empty flight on it :)

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