Autonomous Taxiing & Flying A350? HUH? Airbus’s ATTOL Program

Yep, you heard me.

Looks like Airbus is going to be even more computer-based than ever! Airbus has successfully concluded it’s two year ATTOL program (Autonomous, Taxing, Take-Off, & Landing) operated with the A350-1000 XWB.
The aircraft can successfully Taxi, Takeoff & Land all by it’s self… It’s done by using a On-board Vision-based Recognition system by the use of cameras & sensors, and it doesn’t include the use of external infrastructures like for example, ILS.

Seems like this can have a possibility of taking-off (pun intended). Though, it will really change the meaning of being a “Pilot”. This will automatically mean that Pilots won’t be in-control with their aircraft like before… They’ll just be ‘monitoring’ the aircraft while at flight. If this actually becomes reality I think there won’t be as many people who want to be on an aircraft…

This video was published in the 17th of Jan of 2020 by Airbus
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Pilots can enjoy IFE now apparently lol


I’m not flying on this airplane


This system is anti-aviation and must be destroyed at all costs.


I’m honestly growing tired of computers controlling airplanes. It defeats most of the purpose of being a pilot. Pilots want to fly, not monitor.


Unlike the previous three comments I’m a fan of this. There’s supposed to be a pilot shortage looming within the next few years. And let’s be honest, there’s no way we’re going to fill all those jobs. This is a stepping stone to get to full automation.


The only reason I see this useful is low visibility. But that’s why you have an ILS (for landings at least) What is the point of a pilot then just to sit there and watch? AP already fly’s everything from about 5 minutes after takeoff to 5 miles out on landing. Pilots are there to FLY not MONITOR why do you think you need all of those liscenses and flight hours? To Fly not monitor.


i definitely will! i love airbus just way too much

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Lol nice but I am just against automation so much. I will never fly on a fully automated aircraft. Ever. I’ll walk to my destination, thank you.


To be 100% honest, I’m not quite sure how to feel about this. I can see the pros and cons of both sides. I would love to fly on this plane with or without this technology either way, the A350 is definitely on my bucket list.


Well said right there mate 👏

I’m not flying on this plane if it’s fully automated


this makes more sense. however it sadly uses visual navigation afaik

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If it’s not boeing, I’m not going.

Fly by wire is no fun for anyone

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it is for me


Lol I just don’t want to be in a plane that’s going to crash

It will most likely be for zero-visibility operations. Look at it this way, we have APPR today but most pilots land manually unless in zero-visibility conditions. In addition to that, there will always be need for a human factor to monitor (and possibly override) the technology if it does something erroneous. Go Airbus, go aviation.

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just bc it’s automatic doesn’t result in crashes!

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Yes it’s cool aircrafts can be flown autonomous, but I don’t think it will ever replace the jobs of the pilots. Just like automated cars, there has to always be a driver (pilot) still controlling the vehicle in-case if something goes wrong.


Maybe, but I’m saying that it’s much more likely. Computers don’t have the judgment of a human.

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it may be higher but still low wait… weird phrasing