Autonav API

Is there any other API that gives autonav then live flight because i’m on mac. Also I heard of live flight horizon what is that, what features does it have and where can I get it.

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If you mean the API, it can technically work with any programming language.

If you are talking about a program, then not yet, however @Cameron was talking about porting it over at some point?


I asked Cam about It before and he said he does not have the resource to port it

In which case, your best chance is waiting for the global update, Laura last said LNAV will be coming.

I know im just the most impatient person in the world

In which case you can get a Windows laptop pretty quick :)

And have you heard of live flight horizon I heard people talk about it but I cant seem to find it

How comprehensive will it be though?

Would one be able to program in desired cruising altitude by the waypoint as well as climb and descent? A true flight director.

Liveflight horizon is a subscription to Liveflight tracker, which gives you more aircraft and airport into including charts. If you’re interested, There are various buttons on Liveflight that say ‘Subscribe now’

@Cameron did I get everything?

That’s VNAV.

She has only mentioned LNAV.

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Yep, pretty much nailed it. More on Horizon coming in the iOS app soon :)

About AutoNav on Mac… Hmm. I’d like to, but I’m barely getting any time nowadays. It’s open source if anybody wishes to contribute.

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Lateral not Vertical.

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