Automatically set start airport setting

After 22.4 came, it seems that the “automatically set start airport” setting is broken.

(I just did a flight from Queenstown to Auckland. The setting is supposed to set my spawn in Auckland as it is supposed to set it to the airport where the last flight ended. However, when I returned to the menu, it still set my spawn at Queenstown.)

Below are screenshots taken before and after the flight

Before spawn

Queenstown(before pushback)

Auckland(reached gate)
Also when I press pax at the gate it spawns an air stair vehicle but that isn’t the main point in here.

Menu(after ending flight at Auckland)

Device:Ipad 7th generation(Apple)
Just to be clear, I have this setting turned on.

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When you look at your logbook, does it show you arrived into NZAA?


Actually now that you brought it up, all my destinations(flights after updating IF to 22.4) do not show

Sweet… well not but that answers your question. This has been addressed to staff and there are support topics which stem around it, hopefully it is fixed in the near future.


Thanks for the assistance

and the reminder to check the logbook more often

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I’m having the same problem as well good thing i wasnt the only one, cause my landings are not being registered.

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We have a hotfix (22.4.1) rolling out on the App Store and Google Play now that addresses this issue. Thanks for the report!