Automatically set start airport not functioning

Automatically set start airport not functioning when chosen. The starting airport is always not the place where last flight ended. Issue only found since 22.04🥲

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Hi! I’ve seen both of your support topics. Have you updated to 22.04.01 (The HotFix) that came out earlier this week? I believe the devs tried to address both of these issue in this release.

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Hi! I haven’t done that yet because that means I need to lose all my replays 😂 Since these are quite minor bugs and they have already made a fix, I shall just go with the future 22.5 download. Thanks for reminding me there’s a hot fix 😄

You can backup your replays to your device or a source like OneDrive or Google Drive. By the way, downloading the hot fix shouldn’t remove your replays, they would only be removed if you were to completely reinstall Infinite Flight.

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True, thanks!
Is there a way I can download all replays to File with one click?

You can select each replay you want to keep by tapping the circle next to them, then tap Share.

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The issue is actually, App Store isn’t providing download for IF in China Mainland thus I need to completely delete and re-download to get updates

Ah right… that’s huge amount of work😂

Not really, just a quick tap for the replays you want and then tap Share one time. You can do it ;)

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I normally fly three routes and do one controlling each day, so there’s few dozens of replays I need to download.

What about adding a feature where you can select all and download? Because “selecting all” is available but “all” replays cannot be downloaded at once, which sort of not the logic of traditional computers🤨

Updating the app won’t make you loose your replays. Just do it and the bug will be gone :)