Automatically set airport

Operating system:

Realme 6 pro

Android 11. Realms UI 2.0

Hey there,
I’ve been experiencing this problem since the release of 22.4 .
I finish my flight as usual and end the flight but the airport is set to my departure airport and not the one I finished up and landed at.
I double checked if I had the "Automatically set airport " option enabled… But even then it doesn’t work.

Please tell me if there is a solution to this or if it is just a bug.

Thank you!!!
Have a good day!!!

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Also had this problem, IPhone SE 2020 IOS 15.5

It’s a known issue and should be fixed in the 22.4 hotfix coming soon.


We have a hotfix (22.4.1) rolling out on the App Store and Google Play now that addresses this issue. Thanks for the report!